27.98 Ft Speedboat (PARASAILING TOUR)

Boat Details

Length 27.98 ft
Speed 27 knots

Trip Details

27.98 Ft Speedboat – a perfect boat for Parasailing + Snorkel Center Access. The top speed of boat is 27 knots. The platform of the boat is built specifically for the practice of parasailing, with its winch in the back.

Boat Capacity: She may carry very comfortably up to 12 passengers + 2 crew.

Dimension: Length 27.98 ft (8.53 m), Width 8.49 ft (2.59 m). 

Come & enjoy the shades of blues above the Caribbean Sea. The views are incredible, beauty is beyond the imagination. Rise up in the air and collect pleasant memories of stunning and colourful Cozumel reefs!

You will be welcomed by the friendly and professional crew, for your safety - will provide you a life jacket and all the required instructions. The crew will put the chute on the air and colocate the safety harness.

You have the chance to fly by yourself, in pair or 3 at the same time in canopy, depending on your weight and wind conditions. The professional captain will take you up gently and carefully. You will be flying and enjoying Ocean of Cozumel and magnificent views in surroundings!

Amazing Parasailing Tour

  • $65 USD
  • Participants (7 years and older) are allowed! The maximum capacity of the boat is 12 guests + 2 crew. Per person price is $65 USD only.

    The flight takes 12 minutes, the total time depends on the number of passengers on the boat.

    It is up to the captain to decide if tandem flights are available - depending on the wind and the weight of the guests.

    Included: Just the flight and of course safety measures and equipment (life jacket and harness) - so, you can enjoy with us safely the "amazing parasailing tour".
Additional Passenger rate: 65 USD